Five fun ways to reach your audiences during COVID-19 lockdowns

A blackbird

The business landscape has changed. It’s currently quieter for many, sometimes a bit lonely, and full of cups of tea and pyjama days and interruptions from the kids, dog, or tamed blackbird that has now become one of your best friends. (His name is Chupachup if you must know, and he likes singing, caring for his lady-friend, and staring at plant pots.)

But just because you may not necessarily have a company rule book for this kind of situation, it doesn’t mean that light-hearted communication with your customers and staff members needs to stop completely, in order to make way for all the necessary serious and important stuff.

In fact this could be just the right time to think creatively about how you can communicate with people – and show the resilience and adaptability of your brand.

Here are five ways to meaningfully connect with your audience when in lockdown:

  1. Nifty newsletters: Do you have a newsletter? They’re a brilliant way of directly reaching out to your audiences. And despite the name, they don’t even have to be full of news… You could try sending out a funny quiz, interviews with your staff members, or share some great articles that you’ve read. As long as they are on brand, GDPR-compliant, and that you don’t send them too frequently, then the newsletter world is your oyster.
  2. Boredom-destroying blogs: I’m a fan of blogs, as you might have gathered from my website. If you have expertise in a particular area, then blogs are a fantastic way to inform, advise, and even entertain your audiences. If you drop them onto your website, then people might find them through a Google search of their own professional interests or personal hobbies. Consider using blogs to share how your company is still working towards its mission even in these challenging times – but make sure it’s content that people will want to read.
  3. Sassy social media: There are a lot of people at home scrolling through their feeds right now. And a lot of the news being shared is dismal. Think about brightening up people’s days by starting conversations, polls or even competitions on Twitter. If your company has great visual content at its fingertips, consider setting up an Instagram feed. Social Media also provides a great window into the concerns and needs that are top of people’s minds right now – and this might help you to think about your business strategy. (Just don’t use the channels exclusively to sell. Nobody appreciates that!)
  4. Vivacious videos: Are you less of a writer, and more of a talker? Why not set up a video blog? All you need is a smartphone and a place in your home that has decent light and is free of distracting backgrounds. People are craving a human connection right now, and a video from you could help with that. If you oversee a team, then your staff members might also appreciate a warm and friendly video update over yet another email.
  5. Perspicacious podcasts: These days it seems like every man and his blackbird has a podcast. But creating accessible audio content can be a fulfilling use of time, and a great way of reaching audiences with engaging news, stories and information. If you think you have content related to your business that people would be interested in, then why not think up a podcast content plan? Podcasts are great for reaching employees too.

What new creative thing will you do to connect with your audience? We’d love to know.

If you’d like help thinking about any of the above, we can write blogs, social media posts and scripts, or help create your campaign plan. Get in touch!

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