Sharing is caring: seven stonking reasons why small businesses should blog

I’m about to share great, great knowledge about the power of blogging. Come closer. Closer still. No, too close – I can see the crumbs on your face-mask from the doughnut you had for lunch. Back off – that’s it. Just there.

Now. Blogging. This silly word has been around since the late 90’s, when Leo was the King of the World, and the Spice Girls were telling us what they wanted what they really really wanted.

So there’s no excuse not to have heard of it.

But – far from only being the domain of celebrity holistic health brands, foodies waxing lyrical about their unique mac ‘n’ cheese recipe, and backpackers with envy-inducing photos – blogging is an incredibly powerful tool for small businesses.

Sure, it takes time. It demands creativity, concentration and a content plan. But it can also build your brand and reputation, help you to demonstrate your leadership in your sector, and even drive sales.

In fact small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads according to this infographic. While this article reports that businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don’t.

So put down that box of doughnuts. Or even better, give it to me to look after. Because here are seven stonking reasons why you should consider blogging for your small business – even in the time of COVID-19:

  1. Blogs helps people to find you

Search engines are attracted to fresh, original content. If you can create regular articles that include strong identifying keywords for your sector, business and niche, you’re going to give search engines a very good reason to give you a nudge up the rankings.

Furthermore, if other websites start linking to your posts, search engines will consider you to be an authority, and make you even more visible.

Caution: search engine web crawlers are really clever. If you stuff your content with keywords, they will know, and you’ll be penalised through a drop in rankings. Getting a good balance is tricky, but important.

  1. Blogs help you to establish your credibility

You know that you’re a leader in your industry. Blogs are the perfect way to demonstrate this.

Blogs provide a platform to impart your wisdom and expertise, and useful information about your sector or service. In time, you may find people returning to your articles on a regular basis. And by posting a wealth of content, you’ll improve your chances of being found by prospects doing web searches too.

  1. Blogs let people know that you’re open for business

Websites can be beautiful online ‘shop fronts’. But if people come into your shop and see nobody about, they’re probably not going to stick around long.

It’s really important to show that your company is active. You can do this through regular news pieces, social media and – of course – blogs. And again, those search engines will notice that you’re posting new content, which will work in your favour in those result page rankings.

  1. Blogs allow you to express your personality

For small businesses, the personal touch can help you to compete against bigger ‘faceless’ corporations.

By showing your human side – your thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm – you can connect more readily to potential customers. Blogging helps people to get a good understanding of your vision, values, and the kind of service they can expect when they work with you.

  1. Blogs enable you to advertise without advertising

We can all recognise an ad. We all know when we’re being sold to. But a blog can help convert visitors into customers without having to shove sales text in their faces.

A high-quality post can be the first step to a working relationship – nurturing trust, and gently offering the opportunity to engage further through promotions, or newsletters, or exclusive content.

  1. Blogs build relationships

If you allow people to comment underneath your posts, you’ll be able to answer their questions and address their responses.

This gives you a chance to develop relationships with the people who are truly engaging with your company. They may be existing clients – in which case you can gain valuable audience insights from what they say; or they may be potential customers – in which case you might just be able to win them over with your blogging charm and gravitas.

  1. Blogs provide even more opportunities for sharing

Stuck on what to say on your social media channels? A blog will provide enough content for several social media posts. You can pull out quotes, or interesting statistics, or teasing questions.

If people like what they see, they might share your social posts with others – helping you to broaden the reach of your article.

And what’s better, is that blogs can provide evergreen content: content that will always be relevant. So you can keep going back to older posts and reusing the great stuff you said this time last year. Good eh?

I can write your blogs for you!

Yep, this blog was advertising without advertising. And I hope you found it useful.

If you’d like some help planning and writing your blogs, get in touch. We can discuss what type of content would be good to share, and how regularly you’d like to share it. We can talk about your brand voice, and the industry expertise that you can offer. With the right strategy, we can help to boost your brand, enhance your already-excellent reputation, and attract new clients to your online shop front.

OK, here’s your empty doughnut box back. See? Sharing really is caring, and now we both have crumbs on our face-masks.

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